Winning With Finances – Asking For Seconds (Income, That Is)

People need extra cash for a variety of reasons at different times of life. Whether looking for a second job or considering your own business as a way to increase cash flow, the process can be fun. The first step is considering all the things you would enjoy doing temporarily or long-term. Opportunities are there for those who seek extra income, especially utilizing legitimate job postings on the internet.

Other ideas include servers, who rake in decent tips at upscale restaurants frequented by older clientele. Techies, tutors, typists, and writers find extra work in their fields, often on the internet. Industrious people look for a need and fill it, like a personal assistant-shopper or specialized services, such as cleaning and sealing rain gutters. Community agencies offer free assistance to help design a resume, brush up on skills, find job listings, and more. Check out additional ideas below and, on the other side, find out what you need to start your own business!

A to Z Possibilities

Accounting, appointment setter, apprentice, artist, assistant
Baby sit, baggage handler, baker, bus driver
Camp counselor, car wash, cashier, computers, courier
Data entry, day care, deliveries, driver, dry cleaner help
Entrepreneur, errand runner, elder care
Farm help, fast food, fill a need, firefighter
General labor, grade tests, greeter, grocery stores
Hotel help, house cleaner, house sit
Ice cream stores, installer, inventory taker
Janitorial services, journeyman
Kennel help, kitchen help
Lawn care, learn a trade, library, lifeguard, lodge
Mail room clerk, Multi-level Marketing, model, musician
National parks, newspaper or flyer deliveries
Odd jobs, office help, order taker
Pet sit, photography, pizza delivery, pool cleaner
Quality control, quartet, quid pro quo**
Receptionist, real estate field, restaurants, retail
Sales, secret shopper, security guard, sell on-line
Teacher, telemarketer, test products, theme parks
Upstart companies, undertaker
Valet, video store
Waiter, walk dogs, warehouse, web design, work-at-home
eXtra cash helping neighbors, an eXtra on a movie set
Yard sales, yard work
Zoo help

Remember to ask friends and family members if they know of any available part-time work!

**What is quid pro quo?

Like bartering, it is an exchange


“Be the Boss” Basics
Do you have a great hobby or idea that could be a profitable business? Does a relentless desire drive you to fulfill your purpose in life? Take the time to learn about starting your own business. Get help from the Small Business Administration’s website, tutorials, and sample plans ( or SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business;” i.e. former business leaders who will offer advice and expertise. (

Here are four steps to create your own Business P.L.A.N. of goods and / or services

Propose your business concept (vision), clearly and concisely, so that you could tell anyone about it and they would understand why people would need or want your product or service.

Label the products, services, competition, and strategies for reaching customers. Carefully consider each area in your projections, including start-up and ongoing costs

Attach the company’s organizational structure and owner/management team biographies
* Sole-proprietorship
* Partnership
* LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Necessary financial documents to include
* Balance sheet (take ownership of what you owe and what you own) Assets can also be copyrights, patents, trademarks, equipment, and intellectual property (knowledge, expertise, experience)
* Cash Flow Forecast (calculate future expenses; cash flow in & out)
* Profit & Loss Statement (net income) (quarterly & annually) (Ongoing accurate accounting of all monies)

Multiple $treams of Money
One way to compound your money is by having multiple streams of income. For instance, insurance agents receive residual income with every policy renewal. Seeking ways that your money can work for you is a goal worth attaining. Learn more about Mutual Funds and the Stock Market. Check out how to invest in Real Estate by buying homes to rent out or flip for a profit. Sell items directly to consumers: candles, cosmetics, food, jewelry, vitamins, and more. Another idea is to buy various goods (even yard sale items) and sell them via internet or ads.

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