Winning With Finances – Asking For Seconds (Income, That Is)

People need extra cash for a variety of reasons at different times of life. Whether looking for a second job or considering your own business as a way to increase cash flow, the process can be fun. The first step is considering all the things you would enjoy doing temporarily or long-term. Opportunities are there for those who seek extra income, especially utilizing legitimate job postings on the internet.

Other ideas include servers, who rake in decent tips at upscale restaurants frequented by older clientele. Techies, tutors, typists, and writers find extra work in their fields, often on the internet. Industrious people look for a need and fill it, like a personal assistant-shopper or specialized services, such as cleaning and sealing rain gutters. Community agencies offer free assistance to help design a resume, brush up on skills, find job listings, and more. Check out additional ideas below and, on the other side, find out what you need to start your own business!

A to Z Possibilities

Accounting, appointment setter, apprentice, artist, assistant
Baby sit, baggage handler, baker, bus driver
Camp counselor, car wash, cashier, computers, courier
Data entry, day care, deliveries, driver, dry cleaner help
Entrepreneur, errand runner, elder care
Farm help, fast food, fill a need, firefighter
General labor, grade tests, greeter, grocery stores
Hotel help, house cleaner, house sit
Ice cream stores, installer, inventory taker
Janitorial services, journeyman
Kennel help, kitchen help
Lawn care, learn a trade, library, lifeguard, lodge
Mail room clerk, Multi-level Marketing, model, musician
National parks, newspaper or flyer deliveries
Odd jobs, office help, order taker
Pet sit, photography, pizza delivery, pool cleaner
Quality control, quartet, quid pro quo**
Receptionist, real estate field, restaurants, retail
Sales, secret shopper, security guard, sell on-line
Teacher, telemarketer, test products, theme parks
Upstart companies, undertaker
Valet, video store
Waiter, walk dogs, warehouse, web design, work-at-home
eXtra cash helping neighbors, an eXtra on a movie set
Yard sales, yard work
Zoo help

Remember to ask friends and family members if they know of any available part-time work!

**What is quid pro quo?

Like bartering, it is an exchange


“Be the Boss” Basics
Do you have a great hobby or idea that could be a profitable business? Does a relentless desire drive you to fulfill your purpose in life? Take the time to learn about starting your own business. Get help from the Small Business Administration’s website, tutorials, and sample plans ( or SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business;” i.e. former business leaders who will offer advice and expertise. (

Here are four steps to create your own Business P.L.A.N. of goods and / or services

Propose your business concept (vision), clearly and concisely, so that you could tell anyone about it and they would understand why people would need or want your product or service.

Label the products, services, competition, and strategies for reaching customers. Carefully consider each area in your projections, including start-up and ongoing costs

Attach the company’s organizational structure and owner/management team biographies
* Sole-proprietorship
* Partnership
* LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Necessary financial documents to include
* Balance sheet (take ownership of what you owe and what you own) Assets can also be copyrights, patents, trademarks, equipment, and intellectual property (knowledge, expertise, experience)
* Cash Flow Forecast (calculate future expenses; cash flow in & out)
* Profit & Loss Statement (net income) (quarterly & annually) (Ongoing accurate accounting of all monies)

Multiple $treams of Money
One way to compound your money is by having multiple streams of income. For instance, insurance agents receive residual income with every policy renewal. Seeking ways that your money can work for you is a goal worth attaining. Learn more about Mutual Funds and the Stock Market. Check out how to invest in Real Estate by buying homes to rent out or flip for a profit. Sell items directly to consumers: candles, cosmetics, food, jewelry, vitamins, and more. Another idea is to buy various goods (even yard sale items) and sell them via internet or ads.

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Finding The Best Entry Level Finance Jobs

In the financial job market, there are many obstacles for graduates seeking to rise quickly in their professional lives. Financial organizations, ranging from banks to international stock-brokers, adopt high standards for their middle and upper management professionals. Indeed, the delicacy of the marketplace and the attitudes of individual clients towards their financial situation requires a high level of experience and good aptitude for a management position. The financial graduate who is just leaving university to find a job, however, can accelerate the process of rising quickly in the field of finance by choosing the right entry-level finance job.

The first consideration for professionals looking for entry-level finance jobs is their short term goals. If a graduate is concerned with making a good salary immediately, working with an international company or a larger bank may be the wisest move. However, those who want to build experience and rise through the ranks may wish to consider smaller organizations, such as financial planning firms, where there is more contact between executives, managers, and entry-level workers. This is an important consideration, as it can set you off on the right or wrong foot immediately.

Another important thought on entry-level finance jobs concerns the amount of upward mobility available for exceptional finance graduates. The graduate, who works for an international bank, can certainly rise to prominence within the company and the industry in general. Indeed, there is plenty of opportunity for such a professional to rise to local, regional, national, and international positions. For the graduate who works with a smaller company, mobility may be more difficult because of the relatively fewer positions between president and entry-level worker.

A third consideration on entry-level finance jobs is the nature of the job that a graduate accepts. Indeed, the chances of rising through the ranks decrease if a professional doesn’t enjoy their job and bring the same level of effort day in and day out. A professional who wants to help people directly may wish to work as a financial planner or advisor and rise to departmental management after years of commitment to client success. Another professional that thinks of finance in terms of larger companies, or even governments, may desire to make their way as a stockbroker or corporate financial professional, rising through the ranks by networking with prominent clients. All these considerations are important when thinking of the best entry-level finance job for a particular graduate.

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Entry Level Financial Analyst – 7 Surefire Ways to Land the Job

Entry level financial analyst positions can be very competitive, especially in today’s economy. However, just like with any other positions, there are always a few things that you can do in order to get the job that you are applying for.

Here are a few tips that you can do in order to get yourself an entry level financial analyst job:

1. Connections are important. Just like with any other positions, having a connection is very important in trying to get a job inside any company. Try to think of some family, friends, or associates that you might know who work for a company who could possibly be seeking for an entry level financial analyst position.

2. Fix your resume and cover letter. The first thing that employers look at is the candidate’s resume and cover letter. No matter how smart or experienced you are, you may not be able to get yourself an interview if the employer is not impressed with your resume.

3. Be confident. Once you have finally gotten yourself an interview with an employer, do not blow it with your fear and insecurities. Be confident in yourself, because that confidence will somehow show during the interview process. If you are scared and insecure, your employer will see through that and will be turned off by you.

4. Dress for success. This can sound like a small factor, but believe that this is one of the most important things that employers look at during an interview. If you are dressed like a successful person during the interview, your employer is going to see you as a successful employee, and that gives you a better chance of being hired.

5. Show some personality. Nobody wants to hire a robot. Employers look for candidates who have an excellent personality who can get along with the other employees.

6. The future of the company. During the interview process, show your future employer that you are interested in the company’s future, and that a few years from now, you are still a part of the company. Nobody wants to waste time and money, hiring someone who is going to leave after a few months.

7. Last but not the least, differentiate yourself. You want to leave an impression that can last for a while. You want to be the candidate that your future employer is thinking of even after interviewing a few of the other candidates. Show that you are different, and your employer is going to appreciate and remember you.

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Entry Level Finance Positions Available

Finance is one of the best fields if you want to get a well paying and stable job. The increase in the number of job positions for entry level finance has grown so much that you will undoubtedly find a great job that will satisfy your needs.

The rapid economic development in the past few years has increased the required amount of workforce in the financial field. Nearly every individual or business requires finance to help them with buying certain things that are necessary for their developments.

A job in entry level finance will also give you a lot of opportunity for growth and companies who see good performance will always promote as well as offer added incentives. Another great thing about this field is that you are sure to find a job that you will find interesting and challenging. Understanding finance is not that tough and it is a great way to increase your knowledge in business affairs and money management.

Moving up through the ranks does not require any extra education in the field, but you will have to be prepared for a lot of hard work as well as dedication. However, if you want to hold the position of a manger, you will probably need further education. Once you reach the top you will find that companies will be offering extremely good salary packages and a number of other benefits.

This is also the best time to get into this particular line of work because the economy is now getting back on track and we will probably see the biggest economic boom in a few years from now. Financial institutions are no longer facing the tough times they did in the past one and a half years, and they have stopped firing and started rehiring.

The job positions you can take up can include commercial banking, real estate, financing planning, risk management, legal, sales, insurance, investment banking, money management, private equity, financial accountancy, cost analysis, economic analysis, human resources and much more.

All you need in this field is good management skills, problem solving skills and public relation skills. If you think you have got any of these you can certainly grow in any entry level finance position.

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